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Kathleen Finigan

Helping you F.E.E.L. (Free Energy Exuding Light) Again! Engage. Encourage. Empower. Energize. Are you just going through life, doing the motions, but feel defeated, depleted and underappreciated? Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life? That there’s something BETTER out there waiting for you or you have that DESIRE inside of you to inspire and make an IMPACT?

Nadeen Ostrom

Hi my name is Nadean and I would love to help you travel the world and collect the best souvenirs imaginable – memories. I have my own collection of memories and experiences: riding scooters through Thailand, exploring islands and cave spelunking in kayaks, relaxing in an all inclusive resort in Mexico, dune bashing in the Arabian Desert, taking in the sites of Dubai, up close and personal with a lion in Africa, and sailing the seas in luxury cruise ship. There is nothing better than seeing others experience the wonders of the world. Let me help take you there! Why not start by joining our Classic Italy Tour leaving in May 2020. Contact me for more details.

Nancy Quinton

PRIVATE TOURS Okanagan Foodie Tours offers one-of-a-kind experiences which showcase the best culinary destinations in and around Kelowna. We have Private Tours available for groups of 4 or more. Get in touch to book your own tour today!

Our Members

The West K Women of Influence are an unique group of ladies with caring hearts and a love of their community.
Alene Elvine
HR Manager
These women are some much fun to be around I love going to the events!i
Jonas Gerber

Let us support you to create your successful enterprise!

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