west k women of influence

Our Goal

  • To promote friendship, mentoring and net-working amongst business women in West Kelowna.
  • Expand our influence and enhance our community while promoting local women and their businesses

We live and breathe local.
Each of our members have a pulse on our communities and as we get to know and trust each individual business owner in our group, we strengthen our ability to make a difference. We have a fun loving yet professional group of women who each bring their unique talents and networking connections together for the greater good of our local communities. By being successful business women we are improving our communities and making them more viable.
Last year we hosted a Holiday Fundraising Gala for the benefit of the Central Okanagan Food Bank, through our ladies connections, special talents and resources we raised over $3,500 while bringing awareness of the solvable problem of hunger in our communities. We are hosting another wonderful Gala this November 17th with our fundraising efforts going to the Food Bank and we are excited to again be able to give back to our community in such a meaningful way.
The West K Women of Influence is an organization of women whose opinions are respected, whose insights are valued and whose support is invaluable.

About Us

The West K Women of Influence organization is designed with women entrepreneurs in mind.

We are committed to offering friendship and support to our fellow businesswomen throughout the Okanagan Valley. 

Enjoy opportunities to present your business, learn about the enterprises of your peers, and build community at monthly lunch and dinner events, occurring on the third Wednesday of each month at a nominal per-event fee.

All businesswomen are welcome throughout the Okanagan as well as friends visiting from outside our area.

Speaking Opportunities

Business Training

Online Marketing



Knowledge shared freely is our most valuable resource for our members.

Knowledge-sharing enables women to develop their skills and competencies, increase their company’s value and sustain their competitive advantage.
Some of our knowledge based speakers have included Dave Maller and Sharleen McBlain from Toastmasters International, who came out and engaged with our members to become more effective communicators and leaders. “A good speech is like a pencil; it has to have a point.” Gayle Voyer, from Canadian Blood Services shared with each of us that we don’t need a special reason to give blood. We just need our own reason! When Leah Thordarson, President of Westside Daze came to speak with us we learned how leadership can be embraced and not feared when one works with a fabulous group of people with similar goals. Author, Trent Janisch of 3 Steps to Better Relationships, explained to us that the world is our life-support system and that our relationships are our connections to this life-support and how they sustain us.

We trust our instincts and reach out when someone needs help personally or in business. We support our entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to showcase their skills and their business by having a different business presentation every meeting as well as offering to showcase businesses on our website and newsletters.
When we see a need in our community we openly exchange useful ideas, collaborate, accept influence and together we provide solutions.

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